Hazard Tree Removal
emergency tree service

Pacific Hedge provides services for all residential and commercial tree care. Were Arborists that have already done over 1000 residential homes and worked with West Towers, Walmark Homes, Executive Homes, Fortis Gas, Main roads, Spca/Humane Society and strata management companies.


24/7 Emergency Tree Services

Mother Nature is unpredictable and can often cause irreversible damage to your trees. If you are experiencing an emergency, such as a fallen tree or branch that poses a hazard to your property or the community , call us immediately for 24/7 emergency tree service!

Our Experience

I have over 20 years of experience working in the tree industry. I have attended multiple Arbor master classes in Canada as well as other training events in safety. I have worked as a climber since 2007 in the Lower Mainland/Fraser Valley Area. But for the past 16 years I have also owned a Hedge / Tree Care Company. Other companies have repeatedly called us when they have difficult jobs that they need done in a timely manner.

Tree Equipment

Our saws are well maintained, sharp, all we need to prune or get most trees on the ground. We show up with a best stihl equipment on the market. We also use pole saws, hedge trimmers, and pole pruners. We have bucket Truck with 12xpc bandit chipper and F550 Chip Truck and 65xp bandit chipper.